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Financial Adviser Representatives

It's talent that we are looking for

Working with Legacy Advisory is unique, with our passion for creating the extraordinary running throughout the company. If you're interested in joining Legacy Advisory as a Financial Adviser Representative, please send in your details to arrange an interview.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day

At Legacy, we feed and we teach





Our basic operating principle in Legacy Advisory is teamwork. Selflessness is what we preach. We highly value team players in the organization.

Working in a professional environment which is not tense, but with the right amount of pressure is the right ingredient for growth. With a little bit of fun, we are unique..

Regardless of who you are, a private banker, a fresh graduate, accountant, insurance representative or investment adviser, we have the right place just for you..

Learning is a never ending process. We have the right training systems and coaching programs for you. If you share the same vision, come grow with us.



We provide the best support, with an expert heading each department.



While you focus on building your business and knowledge, we will provide research data for support.



We have in place a unique training system to further enhance your skills in providing financial advisory and services.



It is a business, not employement. Build up your Assets Under Management in Legacy. It's worth more than you think...



To serve your niche market, be it the mass affluent, corporate or high net-worth individuals, we will equip you with the right tools to be competent.

While we can't promise you overnight success, we can guarantee you our commitment.

Here's our value proposition

Value proposition
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Financial Adviser Representatives Positions


Any two modules of CFP/ RFP qualifications. Interns are able to conduct certain steps and facilitate the financial planning process but not to advise and plan.

Licensed Financial Adviser

Financial Advisers licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission and FIMM. Financial Advisers with full CFP/ RFP qualification.

Senior Financial Adviser

Similar to Licensed Financial Advisers, Senior Financial Advisers possess a unique skill in their dedicated field. Minimum 3 years of experience in financial field is required.

Principal Adviser

Principal Advisers are very versatile in their field. The ability to overlook complex cases and ability to cordinate solution. Strictly appointed and approved by LASB Board of Directors only.

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