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Financial Planning

by Legacy Advisory

If you think that only people with lots of extra money can afford financial planning, you are sadly mistaken.

Even if a person can barely get through the month with his current earnings, a personal financial adviser can help him turn things around and put him on healthy financial path. The earlier you start, the greater your benefits will be. However, just remember that it is never too late to make a difference.

Scope of Personal Financial Planning Services


Although personal financial planning can span multiple areas related to lifestyle, family obligation and legacy, we have streamlined it into categories as follows.

  • Informal Interview

  • Objective Review

  • Risk-Return Valuation

  • Planning

  • Ratio Analysia

  • Recommendation & Action Plan

Benefits of Personal Financial Planning


Working alongside our personal financial advisers will open your eyes to immense possibilities and empower you to tap into potential that can lead to a healthy and rewarding financial future for you and your family. This would include providing for your family's needs, acheving financial freedom by being freed from existing debts and having the peace of mind to retire with residual income from diversified sources.

Someone to represent and stand by you!


With so many financial products and services out there you may not even know where to begin. This is where our financial advisers come in. Our clients rely on us to represent them to make well-informed decisions. You can too leverage on our extensive experience and expertise to source for the best solution to meet your unique needs. They are trained to analyze each situation thoroughly right down to its fine print to provide the best solution for you. We have no biase in our recommendations. Rather you can trust us to bring you the best that is out there.

Our Financial Planning Process


Establish a relationship with client


Gathering data related to the financial plan and identify golas and objectives of the client


Analysing the data collected


Developing a plan based on the client's needs and goals


Implementing the plan


Monitoring and reviewing the plan on a regular basis

To engage with our personal financial planning service, you may find the following link useful to provide us with the pre-meeting questionaire and our privacy policy.

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