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It's a new method of investment vehicle

by Legacy Advisory

Investment Solutions


What is WRAP service?

A wrap service is a means of consolidating and managing an investor's investment portfolio and financial plans. The better WRAP services enables investors - usually with the advise of a financial adviser - to select from an extensive range of local and offshore funds and assets. These assets includes: Unit Trust, equities, cash, currency, structured products, hedge funds, ETFs and other investment products. Both investors and advisers can then view a holistic picture online of the complete portfolio - all in one place, from anywhere in the world - 24/7



Bank Account


Investment A

Local Equity


Cash Account

Parking Facility with interest

Investment B

Structured Products

Investment C

Global Bonds



More Effective Compunding Rate of Return on Investment

Permits Active Investment Management & Rebalancing


Only ONE counter party to deal with


View entire Portfolio at ONE place



Single Consolidated Statements

Online transactions and monitoring


Legacy Advisory offers a very comprehensive platform for individuals to manage, monitor and profit from our extremely versatile platform. Legacy currently has access to more than 200 local investment and more than 1000 global funds under the platform. In short, you name it, we have it..


It's a new method of investment vehicle


At Legacy Advisory, it is our belief that one of the most important aspect of investments is managing the risks involved. Different investment sectors possess its own inherent and pecullar risk factors. It is therefore necessary to develop and formulate an investment portfolio of different instruments to diversify and spread out the risks.

Depending on you risk appetitte, we can help you make informed decisions on the various investments open to us, and to re-balance the portfolio as the need arises.

It is also important to invest your money in order to mitigate the debilitating effects of inflation and to achieve higher dividends and capital growth.

Our aim and strategy is to ensure that your money works as hard as possible for you to maximise your investment opportunities. Our ability to recommend from the whole market, using our experience and research facilities, provides our clients with a superior level of investment management strategies.

In order for us to customize the best possible invesment package for you, we apply the following approach


Timeframe plays a major role in determining your investment returns. A higheer timeframe will give us more opportunites to take higher investment risks and implement strategies to profit from market downturns.


Are you risk averse or a high risk taker? Many factors play a role in an individual risk appetite. Age and commitments will play a major role in accessing your risk tolerance level.


The ability to commit into various investment vehicles taking into consideration the liquidity of your investment assets. 


What is the purpose of your investments? Are you looking for capital growth or are you seeking a regular income stream?


What are your current investments? We will take into consideration your existing investment portfolio and incorporate our investment philosophy to enhance the potential gain.


To customize your own investment planning, you may utilize our questionaire tool to understand your current investment position.

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