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by Legacy Advisory

RISK Management

Expect the best and prepare for the worst!

Now more than ever, risk management has become an important issue we can't afford to ignore any longer. Simply because our loved ones depend on us. While you can't stop illnesses or the unexpected from happening. you can and should be prepared with various risk management plans to ensure that if tragedy strikes, you are as ready as you can be; to protect your family's interests and ensure their comfort and security is not compromised.

"a sound and proper risk management plan is more than just buying any insurance product, it requires us to consider many aspect based on each of our client's individual unique lifestyle and needs."

In Legacy, we have our methodology in a unique way of evaluating risk and design a risk management plan:

Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis


It is important for us to understand the client's situation and what are the type of risks involved by taking into consideration of their dependents, occupation nature, income level, lifestyle, and current financial position. Similar to any business conduct, risk analysis is a crucial part in establishing a strong financial position.

Risk Placement Strategies


By understanding your risks, we move towards 'outsourcing' risk exposure. Here, it's where we have to understand all financial and risk management tools available that are able to perform risk tranfer strategies.

Cost Analysis


Every penny saved is a contribution to the wealth accumulation. Risk transfer comes with a cost and what most individuals did not do is conduct a thorough study on the cost. Here's where we will conduct an in depth analysis of all financial products, cost analysis and weighing options.

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