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accumulating wealth is not about buying products, it's how we build a plan of our own..

When we talk about savings, many had been led to believe that it's about putting money in the bank, purchasing into various endownment insurance programs for 'forced savings'. But in fact, if we understand the perspective of TIME in the investment horizon, we can perceive savings on an entirely different angle.


In truth, savings requires discipline, persevarance, and prudent planning.

by Legacy Advisory

The inevitable element: TIME

While we can mitigate risk, strategize and build plans, we have no absolute control of TIME. Financial loss can be salvage but time loss is unretirevable. Its TIME that we have take granted of while we were young. But let's explore how these relationship works.

Understand 72, not greed!


Savings and investment takes time and risk. Low risk high returns are non-existant. Understanding this rule can allow you to profile your own savings plan.

The cost of starting LATE


If you're still thinking that you have plenty of time and can always start later in life, think again..


Total Capital Contributed:




Never underestimate a 3% difference

Wealth is built over TIME. The chances of making short term success is practically next to nil. And yes, 3% difference can give you an extra million!

Strategic Accumulation Program

CONCEPT designed to help investors to achieved desired investment returns by minimizing risk and max our performance.

SUPPORT by 3-main channel on independent reaserach teams

PLATFORM to WRAP, manage and monitor your savings with out sophisticated online system


SAP's platform is to accumulate wealth through a strategic entering into the equity and bonds market along with some elements of global investment exposure so that out clients can harvest the best possible investment gain opportunity to achieve financial goals.


SAP are designed carefully by taking consideration of all aspect of wealth accumulating strategies including risk management, market performance, inflation, economic data, liquidity and etc.

Feature 1

Private Retirement Scheme
  • Individual Tax Relief up to RM3,000

  • Government Incentive of RM500

Feature 3

Cash/ Regular Contribution
  • WRAP Managed Investment Account

  • Self/ Adviser Assisted Option

Feature 2

Employee Provident Fund
  • Investing into more than 200 funds

  • Invest Directly to Stock & Shares

  • Discretionary/Advisory Mendate

Feature 4

Risk Mitigation Vehicle
  • Mitigate risks of disruption of long term Accumulation strategy

Utilize the platform that we have to build your own savings plan..

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