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by Legacy Advisory


What you leave behind defines your legacy!

What's around the corner is anybody's guess. This alone is reason why we need to be well-prepared and organized for eventualities. Consult our personal financial advisors to draw up an effective estate plan that preserves your wealth for your family and arranges for its orderly transfer to your heirs. It can involve wills, power of attorney and/ or trusts.


Our expertil will work with you to create a customized estate succession plan, based on your needs and objectives. This should also include a will that clearly directs how your assets are to be distributed. Above all, a will gives you the peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be respected.

Our service in succession planning covers:

Estate Planning

It's not always about money, it's always about love

  • Pass your estate to your children or people that you intend to inherit it

  • Protect the people who are important in your life

  • Keep your estate intact

  • Establish your legacy

  • Clearly instructs how your assets are to be distributed.

  • Reviewed from time to time to be aligned to your current wishes.

  • Include gifts to charities or political organizations

Let's put a smile on their faces shall we?

Will Writing

  • A way to ensure a property is held for the benefit of other people without giving them full control over it.

  • A trustee holds and administers the gifted asset (trust fund) for the benefit of the beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the trust.

Let's take care of things the way you wish


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